Challenges in interpersonal behavior often time affect leadership behavior and desired outcome. Overcoming the following six roadblocks will help you reach a higher level of achievement. 

1. Me, me, me:

Has the need to focus on “me” become your growth roadblocks? Who should be included in the “me” world to break the “me” shell for your growth potential? Realizing the excessive focus of “me” is your first step of making the behavioral change. 

2. No, but, however:

Never start your sentence with these three words. When you do, you are telling the other person “you are wrong” or “you disagree” regardless of how friendly of the tones you use or how good of your intentions are. It’s offensive. Notice from your own experiences? 

3. Lack of listening:

Whether you disagree, don’t understand, or are simply occupied by other thoughts, lack of listening simply shows that you don’t care and you disrespect others, which damages your relationship with others without knowing. 

4. Speaking when angry:

What happens when one gets angry? The adrenaline kicks in, blood pressure goes up and people tend to lose control. Many express their regrets afterwords are said and opinions are expressed. What can one do? Walk away before you lose control and/or learn to notice the emotion and control it. 

5. Being judgmental and negative:

Have you ever worked with a judgmental person or naysayer at work or in life? How did that experience impact you moving forward in achieving your goals? Be open-minded to discuss your agreement and disagreement objectively and be mindful of injecting judgment and negativity into the discussion. 

6. Making excuses:

Excuses prevent us from taking action and further prevent us from achieving our goals and successes. Set your excuses and fear aside, set SMART goals and take action one step at a time. 

7. Actions:

Select the behavior you’d like to change and get a good coach to ensure that behavioral change becomes a reality and your goals are met.