Life Transition Coaching

Gain Confidence + Clarity Around Taking Next Step in Your Life Transition, Whatever It May Be.

Change is inevitable and constant in life. Whether anticipated, unanticipated, planned or not, changes could be good and exciting, yet they could also be scary and stressful.

As a life transition coach, I serve as your thought partner, sounding board, encourager and accountability partner to support you in the change you are facing now. Let’s partner together, rewrite your limiting beliefs, plan and work toward the new direction in your life.


Different types of life transitions

Life consists of a series of events. Some seem natural and easy to adapt to; others may require extra effort and support to adjust to. Below is the list of major events a person goes through in the journey of a lifetime.

Life events

College bound
Transitioning from high school to college could be quite a difficult adjustment for many, even though it’s a journey of becoming independent. Being away from home, adjusting to a new environment, identifying majors and interests, establishing a new circle of friends, and managing time and schedule are just a few changes for a college freshman.

Transitioning from classes to a career or changing from one career to another could be daunting. There are simply too many factors to be taken into consideration before you decide the right path for your next career move.

Newlywed and parenting
Transitioning into marriage and/or parenthood is exciting, yet it could come with challenges of its own. Your priorities shift and your life is no longer just about yourself, but with significant others in your new lifestyle.

Loss of loved ones
Transitioning through the loss of loved ones could be some of the hardest transitions to navigate. Whether it’s dealing with a new self-identity, change of routine, or financial planning, you will benefit from having an objective partner in your court.


Moving to a new city, state, or country could be daunting and create anxieties, especially if you have no friends or community in the new destination. I totally understand how you feel as I have moved countless times among cities, states and countries. Happy to share some relocation tips during your transition.

Empty Nesters

You raise your kids well and off they go toward their own dreams and future. You feel proud of your accomplishment yet also a sense of loss and emptiness. It’s time to reignite your relationship with your spouse and envision what you want for your own life; it’s about midlife transition and designing the 2nd half of your life.


Some are excited about retirement transition, others aren’t. It’s the stage of life to truly connect and reconnect with your passions and purposes and come up with a plan to leave your legacy to your family, loved ones and community.

What is a life transition coach?

A life transition coach is your partner to bring about the change you are facing. In our 1-on-1 60-minute sessions, I will help you assess your current situation, explore options, address your limiting beliefs, and zero in on the actions toward the newness you desire. I am available via email or text between sessions to share your accomplishments or usher you through the challenging moments during our program together.

Change makes transition happen, and transition makes transformation possible. It’s a journey and you don’t have to walk it alone.

What is change vs transition vs transformation coaching?

To change is to do things differently; taking new approaches or seeing new or different in self or others. Oftentimes, change is situational; for example, marital status change. Transition is the internal process needed to adapt to change, such as letting go of an old identity (single vs married) or old ways of seeing things. Transformation involves a dramatic conversion or makeover of a person and changes how a person sees self and the world around her/him. Whether you call it change, transition or transformation coaching, it’s ultimately about being different from the inside out and embracing the newness in you and situation.

You’re on the Brink of a Life Transition, Yet you…

  • Are stuck in a state of analysis paralysis, unable to forge forward
  • Feel overwhelmed by your many ideas and inability to act on them
  • Could use a little guidance as you navigate the highs and lows of change
  • Can’t seem to move past your fears of the unknown standing in front of you
  • Need an accountability partner as you work to achieve new goals in this new phase of life

As a life transition coach, I’m here to empower you to move forward with confidence. 


Work to reconnect you with your inner voice so you can move forward on your terms

Move through whatever is keeping you stuck, building your confidence along the way

Move through limiting beliefs that make the future feel impossible

Discover the possibilities hidden in the unknown of this next chapter

Explore your options so you can confidently pick the right one for you

Turn your vision into an actionable plan that can breathe it into reality


Your complimentary 30-minute Life Transition Coaching Session is the next step in revealing the possibilities life has in store for you and choosing a path that is aligned with your truest self.

Faye’s Story

My life has been a series of changes and transitions.

I’ve lived across the globe. I’ve changed careers three times. I’ve become the woman I never believed I could be, but always hoped I would. But none of that means it was easy. Over the years, I’ve learned that no matter what the change is, there’s always a sense of fear that comes with it. It’s this fear of the unknown that can cloud our vision when choosing our path. The challenge, then, is learning how to drown out the noise and listen to the voice within. Only then will you start to see the possibilities that lie amongst the unknown. 

All of this to say, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that no matter how many transitions you’ve been through, it makes a world of a difference when you have the right support system. As your life transition coach, I’d be honored to help you navigate through your change and transition into your future success.

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