Coaching for Career Professionals

Discover More Passion + Purpose In What You Do.

In today’s competitive professional world, identifying a career direction for new graduates or navigating career challenges for mid-to-seasoned professionals could be daunting. Whether you are looking for direction, advancement, satisfaction, or a new path for your career, career coaching can help you assess options, create a sound plan, and achieve your goals.

As a career coach, I work closely with you to uncover your strengths, values, and passions, and align them with your visions. Together, we will explore possibilities, identify roadblocks, such as burnout, imposter syndrome, career plateaus, or self-sabotaging, and create an actionable plan to help you make informed career decisions with clarity and confidence.

Benefits of Career Coaching

Career planning

From clarifying a career path, resume writing, and job searching to interview preparations, career coaching supports your needs at every stage of the process. We will reignite your passion, follow through an actionable and measurable plan, and celebrate success together


Having a supportive and unbiased coaching partner will propel you to take ownership of your career with clarity, confidence, and progress. As your career coach, I will offer guidance, provide clarity, and keep you on track while you overcome procrastination and persevere to your desired success

Confidence building

Without an objective assessment of what you are made of, it’s difficult to break away from limiting beliefs and false self-perceptions. Through our coaching together, you will learn to reframe your negative thoughts, overcome fears, foster your confidence and communicate effectively for your future

Work life balance

Are you burned out or feeling regret as you haven’t spent much time with your loved ones? Career coaching helps you assess your priorities, set boundaries, adopt time management strategies, and go after what’s truly important to you. It enables you to make intentional and mindful choices and live a life with contentment and satisfaction

Career transition

Career coaching helps you identify your transferable skills to other possibilities. Transition is a process, and I will help you navigate your career transition, address challenges, analyze risks and rewards, and boost your confidence and resilience as you march toward the new direction

Who Can Benefit from Career Coaching?


Career coaching for young professionals focuses on exploring potential professional paths aligned with strengths, values, interests, and passion, so one can make informed decisions and own the future. In addition, career coaching supports the young adults who are ready to start tactical tasks for their professions; resume writing, interview preparation, long-term self-development, networking with others, and growth in the context of the chosen profession


Being an experienced professional, regardless whether you are a lawyer, nurse, teacher, or financial planner, you’ve established yourself through dedication and hardwork. You are proud of what you’ve accomplished and now you desire something more. Whether it’s work-life balance, another career advancement, a sense of significance, or a greater purpose in life, career coaching can help you align your goals with your values and visions

Chances Are, You as a Career Professional…

Crave new challenges in your professional life, whether that’s a promotion or total career transition

Feel stagnant in your professional day-to-day, but aren’t quite sure why

Struggle with striking a work-life balance that meets your personal and professional needs

Hit a dead-end in your career but never really had a plan b and are unsure of what could be next

Lack a sense of confidence and/or motivation at work but don’t know how to leverage your strengths

Want to experience growth and development but don’t know what to do or where to start

Need to start planning for your next professional step (advancement, career change, retirement, etc.)

Sense something churning within but can’t quite figure out what it means for your professional life

You deserve to experience fulfillment in your professional life.

We can get you there together.


Your 30-minute Complimentary Career Coaching Call is the next step to taking control of your career and finding the fulfillment you’re looking for.

Faye’s Story

I know what it’s like to crave more from your professional life.

When I first began my professional journey in the high-tech industry, I thought I had it all. I worked my way up to the fancy title and the cushy salary. I was driven and successful, but as time went on, I no longer felt like I was in the driver’s seat. When I entered the world of real estate entrepreneurship, I faced a new version of success and challenge of balance, but again, something was missing.

When I finally listened to my heart and let my passion take center stage, I found myself transitioning into the world of coaching. Success and fulfillment have a whole new meaning now, and I can feel the ripple of effects in both my personal and professional life. 

Through finding my truth and my purpose, I’ve learned I can help others do the same. So, whatever changes or desires you’re struggling with in your career, I get it. Together, we can work through it. 

Learn How You Are Wired

Each of us is wired differently, therefore coaching must be custom-tailored. Take this complimentary self-assessment and start a purpose-filled and passion-driven Life!