Are you considering a career change but have no idea where to start? Are you lacking the needed confidence to pursue the career advancement? Are you reaching a dead-end in your career and ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Or maybe you secretly desire life fulfillment and purposefulness in addition to receiving your paychecks? Whatever your situation is, a career coach can help you find clarify, identify and set goals, and develop a plan to make them possible!

What is a career coach?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” A career coach not only provides unbiased and objective feedback but also supports and guides you to establish realistic goals, discover challenges, develop action plans toward your career goals.

Career coach vs career counselor

Career counselors take an educational and directive approach and focus on industry information and advice to help you find a job. Career counselors support you by providing resources, helping you refine resume, writing a compelling cover letter and preparing you for interviews.

Career coaches focus on professional growth and development as well as personal development.  They focus on you, hone in on your strengths, talents and passions to help you crystalize purposes and identify the types of career that will give you the most fulfillment and joy at work and beyond.

Benefits of career coaching

1. Awareness:

Many people’s career-related pain points and desires are rooted in deeper thoughts or fears. Career coaching not only provides you with a better awareness of strengths but also helps uncover your truth to provide the clarity, confidence, and plan needed to make the change.

2. Confidence:

Understanding your own strengths, values and business proposition will increase your confidence; furthermore, it will help provide fresh perspectives on opportunities and overcoming challenges by reducing distracting noises around you.

3. Support and focus:

Coaching offers a safe space where you feel comfortable and can talk without being judged. Through coaching conversations, career coaches help you focus on what you want to do and where you want to be by leveraging on your strengths, values, talents and passions.

4. Accountability:

Career coaches are unbiased partners, needed sounding boards and accountability partners for those who are at the crossroad of their career. They walk alongside you and help you find clarify, identify and set goals, and develop a plan to make them possible much sooner than you can imagine. 

If you are at a crossroad in life or career and believe talking to a certified career coach can help, schedule a discovery call with me and find out what your next step would be.

About Faye Weng

About Faye Weng

Your Online Life and Career Coach

Faye Weng is an expert life and career coach who works with clients to take back control of their lives by rediscovering their passions, living/working with a clear purpose, and becoming people who can positively impact the communities around them. As your life and career coach, Faye will help you minimize noises and distractions, focus your effort and attention on the right things, execute a clear plan of action, and celebrate alongside of you when each milestone is reached. Click here to book a complimentary session.