Life coaching has become more accessible in the past few years, especially since the pandemic. Many coaches, like myself, have moved their services online to serve those who desire to improve their lives. A certified coach is trained to help you reach your goals and succeed in both your personal and professional life.

Here are 6 ways how a life coach helps you achieve your goals:

1. Know how you are wired and increase awareness and confidence

Insecurities and low self-esteem are two main causes for stagnation and feeling inferior in life. Oftentimes, it comes from not knowing yourself. As a certified life coach, I believe in the strength-based approach which helps you uncover your strengths, innate talents and preferences. It’s all about self-awareness! Once you clearly understand and leverage the areas where you excel and see the positive outcome, you will march forward in life with confidence.

2. Gain clarity and set direction

Identifying and defining your goals are the foundational steps to reaching your life success. Having the clarity on purpose will create that internal drive and passion, and crystalizing a clear direction is necessary for you to take the first giant step toward pursuing your dreams. A life coach not only helps you envision your desired future but also identify steps and plan how you can get there.

3. Become courageous to embrace changes

Change is inevitable if you are looking for a different result! Change can be quite scary, but a life coach will help you feel more comfortable while staring down at these changes.  I’ve written extensively on change, click here to read more.

4. Identify obstacles and overcome fears

Your thoughts, habits and behavioral patterns hold you back. Fear of failure, fear of success, self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination are just a few that you are already familiar with. A life coach can help you identify and overcome your challenges and obstacles in order to courageously reach your goals and maximize your potential in life.

5. Design action plans and follow through

Taking action is essential in moving from where you are to where you want to be. That means to stop procrastinating and start developing plans which will get you toward your goals. You and your life coach, together, will work through your present circumstances to make room for the future you envision.

6. Get support – identify a partner and cheerleader

According to the research, only 8% of people achieve what they want. Achieving it or not, oftentimes, comes down to simple habits of keeping yourself accountable. An ideal scenario for human success is a finding a person or multiple people to walk this journey to success with you. In a coaching relationship, you are never alone, and you will always stay on track, as your coach serves as an accountability partner who gives you unbiased feedback and functions as a cheerleader who cheers you on along your journey and celebrates with you for your success.

It’s been said that the longest distance in the world is the 18 inches between your head and your heart. As a certified coach, I work with you to bridge the gap between your head and your heart, so you can reconnect with your “why”, uncover your desire, come up with a plan to follow through no matter how hard things may be, and ultimately unlock your potential in any area of your personal and professional life.