Are you happy with the “good” in your life?

One phrase keeps popping into my mind lately, “Good is the enemy of great.” 

You work so hard in your lives so that you could be a good student, a good child, a good employee, a good partner, or a good parent. It seems good is good and you settle with it. Have you noticed the good enough often time turns into just okay after a while? What happen if you let go of the good to go for the great in life? What do you think the great will do compared to the good you are holding onto?

It’s interesting that many people I coach have not thought of great. They can’t see beyond their good; therefore, they overlook their potential to be great. Here are some steps to help you thrive on being great from good.

Envision your greatness

Greatness is like a GPS system which takes you to where you want to go. You could jump into the most advanced car in the world; however, without a GPS, you probably won’t get there. What is that greatness you desire, and what does it mean for you to see and achieve it?

Be open to change and improve

Change could be hard for many, because it means getting out of the comfort zone with actions. Before making a change, are you even open to change? What are some ways you can stretch yourselves and embrace change?

Make no excuses

Do you own it or point fingers when mistakes happen? I so clearly remember pointing my finger at an innocent friend when my meant-to-be-a joke turned out to be a disaster at age 10. Owning your mistakes help you focus and continue marching toward the great future.

Execute and give your best

Knowing the above means nothing if no actions are taken. All of the above come together and are embodied in execution. Envision your greatness, analyze risks and investments, create a plan, and execute!