Happy New Year! 8 Tips for Realizing Your New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 3, 2023

Happy 2023! I hope your new year is off to a good start, and I wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy and purposeful year!

I wanted to share this quote I came across the other day which resonated with me, “There is nothing magical about the flip of the calendar, but it represents a clean break, a new hope, and a blank canvas.”

Perhaps there are some things you can’t go back and fix in 2022, but entering into a brand new year sure provides a chance for you to decide on that splash you want to make on your canvas. The new year is the perfect time to make up your minds and fulfill your list of new year’s resolutions.  

Tips on making and keeping the new year’s solutions

This may sound familiar to some of you, “My goal for this year is to accomplish what I set out to do last year, which I should have done the year before…” You are not alone. According to a research, on average, about 80% of people who make the new year’s resolutions fail to keep them by the second week of February.

Statistically speaking, the odds aren’t good when it comes to accomplishing your new year’s resolutions; however, I’d like to share the following tips to help you stay focused, determined and passionate and realize your resolutions in 2023. 

1. They’re your resolutions, so own them

Your new year’s resolutions are yours. They don’t belong to your spouse, family members, your boss or colleagues. By embracing this ownership and dig deep into your own heart’s desires, your will gather enough motivation which results in personal commitments and actions. With me walking alongside you as your life coach, you will grow to be more comfortable with this ownership and start accomplishing small tasks one after another in the coming months.

2. Write down your new year’s resolutions

A research by Dominican University in California suggests that people are 42% more likely to achieve their goals when the details of their goals are written down. Seeing your own writing is a powerful way to visualize and taste the fruits of your accomplishments in the near future. It will hold you accountable, and it will motivate you. 

3. Compose a SMART plan

The well-known African Anglican bishop and theologian Desmond Tutu once said, “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Asking too much of yourself or stacking resolutions on top of each other can lead to a quick burn out and furthermore take away your motivation. When you break things down to a smaller bite-size, goals become less daunting and more manageable. Then create a detailed SMART plan to help you prioritize tasks and actions, so you have a way to measure progress and success.

SMART guideline:

  • Specific: Document the details and specifics so there’s no ambiguity
  • Measurable: What does success look like? How will you quantifiably measure it?
  • Achievable: Break down your tasks to small bite-size chunks, so you can constantly achieve and celebrate those small milestones
  • Realistic: You know the constrains, physical and material limitations, so be optimistic, ambitious and yet realistic
  • Timely: Set milestones and deadlines for each task. Again, set small bite-size timelines, in weekly, or biweekly intervals

The SMART plan provides you with clarity and a framework to work with, which makes your resolutions manageable, and you will see progress.

4. Create a visual board

I’m sure this isn’t new to you. A visual board is a collage of pictures, images, words and phrases that represent and affirms your dreams, goals and ambitions.

A picture is worth of thousand words, and visualization is one of the most effective tools to help you focus with passions. The combination of these imageries may not make sense to others, but it will speak loudly to you and invoke the necessary emotions to keep you moving forward.

5. Recruit and develop a support structure

According to an American Society of Training and Development study, people are 65% more likely to meet a goal after committing to it with another person. Such likelihood increases to 95% when an accountability partner is involved on a regular basis to check in on their progress.

Your family, friends or colleagues could be your accountability partners. To some of you; however, they may not be the most ideal or effective candidates to encourage you while holding you accountable to your own dreams and goals.

You will find it much more effective if you work with a certified coach who can support you in the most objective, professional and unbiased ways. And I am certainly happy to meet up and talk so I can learn how I can support you to achieve your goals.

6. Celebrate, and celebrate constantly

You celebrate birthdays, promotions and anniversaries, but when was the last time you celebrated your personal achievements? Celebration in this context doesn’t have to mean anything extravagant. Rather, find something that fits your budget, style and taste. A client of mine celebrated each of her small wins with an order of Boba Tea.

These frequent and small celebrations function as moments of reflection while keeping yourself well aligned with your SMART plan. They will increase your motivation and boost your confidence toward the future. And remember, your celebrations may also inspire those around you to pursue their own goals.

7. Know that change is hard, and it takes time

I don’t believe in overnight changes; if it is that simple, you don’t need to call it a new year’s resolution. Any worthwhile dreams usually involve a process and they take time.

When things aren’t looking so great and setbacks happen, remember to be gracious to yourself. Go back to your visual board and/or huddle with your support group to re-shift your focus to continue on. Perhaps my Making a long-lasting life and career change blog post will support you in this area.

8. Make it fun, make it personal

Have a positive attitude, stir up some passions, and make it fun as you work on your resolutions. Remember it is YOUR resolutions, and whatever speaks and inspires you, keep that excitement going as you follow through in the coming year.


I hope in this new year, you have the courage to take some bold steps toward the visions that’ve been lingering in your heart and mind for too long. Try a new approach, challenge yourself, motivation, embrace positive changes, take the time to develop new habits, and engage with a life coach for strategy, planning, support and celebration. And by the end of the year, when you look at this 2023 canvas of yours, you will see a masterpiece, of progress, growth and success.

Again, Happy New Year!

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